Custom Crafted Furnishings

If the perfect piece of furniture for your home or office isn't already on our showroom floor, we'll work with you to build a piece that fits your space and your style.

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Sustainably Sourced

We build most of our furniture using reclaimed and recycled wood--longleaf pine from old farmhouses, dance halls and bowling alleys--as well as old growth trees rescued from the the mulch pile that died due to Texas' extreme weather: drought, storms, or wildfires.

Furniture your grandkids will fight over.

Whether it's a dining table, mantel or desk, these handcrafted pieces of furniture will last generations. At Hawkins furniture we only use real wood, time-tested techniques and proven finishes, so that your furniture will look just as good when your grand-kids put it in their house as it did the day you brought it home to yours.

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It’s all about the wood.

Hawkins’ work focuses on bringing out the natural beauty in native Texas woods, using his keen eye and craftsman’s hands to listen to the wood and shape it to an ideal harmony of form and function, beauty and utility. Hawkins especially enjoys creating furniture with a waney edge (also known as natural edge or live edge) that follows the line of the tree trunk and showcases the intricate grain patterns of knotty alder, sweet gum, mesquite, spalted oak, pecan, and black walnut.

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From the board room to the breakfast room.

We make furniture that fits your space and your style. For more than 20 years, Hawkins has built furniture for clients from all over Texas and America, from law firm conference tables to ranch house cabinets.

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