Hand Built Rustic Furniture

Hawkins Furniture Company produces top-quality hand built rustic furniture, perfect for any room of your home or office. This durable furniture is crafted by hand in Rosenberg, TX.


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Hand Built Rustic Furniture by Hawkins Furniture Co


Rustic Furniture

Hand Built Rustic Furniture is our specialty at Hawkins Furniture Company. We use selectively chosen woods, traditional woodworking techniques and durable finishes to craft timeless furniture.

Each piece has its own story drawn from the tree’s history and the artistic touch of the craftsman’s hand.

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Our Mantels Are Trees

Our mantels are the live edge of a tree.  We use mesquite, pecan, blackjack oak, loblolly pine, cedar elm and post oak.  We offer box mantels and floating shelves.

Hand Built Rustic Furniture

Perfect additions for your home and office space or any rustic setting, such as cabins and lofts. Have a look at our 100% hand-built rustic furniture and find out what makes ours so unique.

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How We Get Our Wood

Hawkins buys the wood for his furniture from Texas sawmills.

He hand picks each piece of wood looking for unique patterning, interesting textures and unusual organic shapes.

When you visit Hawkins Furniture Company’s woodshop, you can choose from a wide selection of raw wood waiting to become a piece of furniture.

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Stop by Hawkins Furniture Company

We like to do business in person.

Our showroom has many innovative pieces for your home or office currently for sale.

Hawkins Furniture Company also works with customers to build specific furniture to suit space and use requirements.


Our Store is located at:

1811 Avenue G Rosenberg TX 77471
For appt call 281-341-0479

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Meet Hawkins


As an entrepreneur who has found success working with his hands in all of his endeavors, W.T. Hawkins turned his attention to furniture more than 20 years ago. The former auto mechanic discovered his passion when mourning the death of his father which inspired him to take wood and tool in hand and build a table. Everyone who saw the table asked if they could buy it – and Hawkins Furniture Company was born.

Hawkins embodies the true spirit of Texas. This spirit is emulated in each of his original designs. A perfectionist, Hawkins touches every piece. He swears that altering a table by a mere quarter of an inch can make or break how it is perceived and the level of comfort it provides.

Behind every Hawkins creation there is a story.

Hand Built Rustic Furniture by Hawkins Furniture Co:

A table top may be made from the recovered hardwood floors of a dance hall or bowling alley. It’s legs may come from an old country farmhouse, or a demolished Galveston warehouse. Choose an original Hawkins design from the showroom or commission your own masterpiece with him. Feel free to provide your own piece of wood or browse through Hawkins’ private stash of strikingly beautiful woods. These woods reflect the strong, rich Texas grains of pecan, mesquite, longleaf pine, hickory, or black walnut. Hawkins also enjoys collaborating with customers to refinish and restore family heirlooms and estate sale finds.

Come by and sit for a spell

You are invited to visit Hawkins Furniture Company, where this age-old trade continues in a glassed-in workshop attached to a 3,000 square-foot showroom. Watch Hawkins saw, pound, smooth, and finish the final buffing on a truly unique work of art. Walk around the showroom and let Hawkins tell you the origin and history behind each table, buffet, and mantel.

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It all begins with an idea!

If you have the perfect piece of wood watch it become a one of a kind piece of furniture. If our current selection isn’t exactly what you want, Hawkins Furniture Company will build a custom piece of furniture that will suit you. 

For appt call (281) 341-0479

1811 Avenue G Rosenberg TX, 77471